Paul Smethurst received his PhD on Space and Place in the Postmodern Novel from Birkbeck College, London in 1996. In a previous career, he developed mapping and geographical information systems (GIS), and he has maintained a cross-disciplinary interest in literature and geography. His particular teaching and research interests are in place-writing, literature and the environment and the geocritical imagination (a term he has coined) in contemporary fiction and travel writing. His most recent work includes a cross-cultural history of the bicycle and a new volume of essays (with Julia Kuehn) on latest research in travel writing studies.


Courses taught in 2015-16:

CCHU9033      Countries of the Mind: Texts that Shape the World
ENGL1014       Imaginary geographies: The art of writing place
ENGL2078       The novel today
ENGL6080       Travel writing and culture


Major Publications:

1. The Postmodern Chronotope: Reading Space and Time in Contemporary Fiction (2000)

2. Asian Crossings: Travel Writing on China, Japan and Southeast Asia (2008) ed. With Steve Clark

3. Travel Writing, Form and Empire: The Politics and Poetics of Mobility (2009) ed. With Julia Kuehn

4. Travel Writing and the Natural World 1768-1840 (2012)

5. The Bicycle in History (forthcoming 2014)

6. New Directions in Travel Writing Studies (forthcoming 2015)




Book chapters and refereed articles in journals and books. For major publications (books) see -- main page.

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30. ‘Introduction’ to New Directions in Travel Writing Studies. Eds Julia Kuehn and Paul Smethurst (forthcoming 2015).


Other outputs:

'Marco Polo's Travels: The Book That Changed the World' - Special issue of Time Magazine, Summer 2006.

'Society in the Future: Utopia and Dystopia', in Digitale Oberstufe Englisch, Modul 3 / English Interactive, Advanced 2, (Berlin: Cornelson, 2003) CD-ROM publication.


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Organiser (with Julia Kuehn) of Mobilis in Mobile: International Conference in Travel Writing, July, 2005.



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