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Welcome to the MFA at HKU!

The MFA in Creative Writing in English is a part-time, two-year programme for creative writers in Hong Kong.

The MFA at HKU is an advanced degree in creative writing: the art and craft of telling your own story, “shining a light” as Caryl Phillips has said, on the “human soul.”

The craft of storytelling and creative writing has an enormous and extraordinary history to study and practice. Creative writers tell stories in many forms. The MFA at HKU offers the advanced degree in the following:

  • the short story 
  • the novel
  • poetry
  • drama
  • screenwriting
  • and personal history or creative nonfiction.

*This year, we introduce for writers’ workshops the new HKU Black Box Theatre, open for classes, readings, and practice to all our MFA writers.

More information will be posted on our website soon!

Please note: we do not offer a degree in children’s books, the graphic novel, or young adult fiction.

The next round of applications will open on December 16, 2014. We have rolling admissions.

The MFA at HKU in the School of English, bold and historic, focuses on emerging writers and new creative writing in Hong Kong.

The MFA at HKU offers both depth and specialization. Lively classes and the growing kinship of writers over the course of two years on campus encourages fluid choices and experimentation, whether in fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, screenwriting, or poetry. By the end of two years, writers will acquire lifelong practices and mastery.

The MFA at HKU invites you to join our community of writers, coming together for two years in the beauty and art and discipline of creative writing in Hong Kong.





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