The internship course can be taken in the first or second semester (or, exceptionally, in the summer semester)* of the final year. The duration of the internship is to be determined by the host organization, but should involve at least 36 hours of service. Students will be required to meet with the course coordinator and fellow-students once or twice during the semester to share and reflect on their capstone experience and to discuss any assigned reading. Students who wish to enroll in the internship course must identify and secure a suitable workplace and submit the following documents to the course coordinator (via the School Office) when enrolling for the course during the course selection period or one of the add/drop periods:

  1. a completed form "Confirmation of acceptance" signed by a representative from the host organization;
  2. a brief proposal (of maximum 500 words) explaining the connections between their studies and the community at large that they expect to explore during their internship in the selected workplace. The proposal should be accompanied by a list of courses taken for the English studies major and make specific reference to these courses and to the programme learning outcomes of the English studies major.

* If the internship is completed in the summer semester, the honours classification for the BA Degree will be considered in September 2017.

Students must secure a placement with a suitable organization and may propose their own arrangements, to be approved by the course coordinator. The following organizations are also currently accepting applications for internships in connection with this course:

Students are encouraged to write to the host organizations directly if they wish to present themselves for possible internship opportunities. Applications will be considered by the organizations in accordance with their selection process and requirements.




If admitted, students are required to meet with the course coordinator and fellow-students once or twice to discuss their capstone experience and any reading assigned by the course coordinator in this connection. Upon completion of the internship, students will have to submit a written report of approx. 2,500 words, reflecting on their studies in the major in light of their workplace experience, and a letter from the host organization, confirming their completion of the internship according to the agreed schedule. The internship course will be assessed on a pass/fail basis and will not be counted in the calculation of CGPA.



Important Points

  1. Formal approval from the course coordinator has to be sought (upon submission of a completed form “Confirmation of acceptance” from the host organization and a brief proposal as explained above), and the course enrollment will be made in the Student Information System via the School Office;
  2. With the mutual agreement from the host organization, a student can apply to drop an internship course via the School Office during the designated add/drop period of each semester but he/she has to take the responsibility to enroll in another capstone course (subject to the number of seats available) to fulfill the major requirement.
  3. A student bears the responsibility to ensure that the working hours for the internship required by the host organization will not clash with the teaching and learning activities required by the course(s) enrolled at HKU.
  4. All full-time undergraduates of HKU are covered by the University’s insurance scheme during the internship period.
  5. The course coordinator or the School Office may contact the host organization in connection with the student’s performance during the internship on a need basis.

For further information or if you have any questions about the internship course, please contact the course coordinator, Dr. Otto Heim ( or Ms. Kitty Mak (



Last updated: 14 September 2017