The sociology of English as a language of science.
The history of English as a language of science.
The relationship of language with the world (‘reality’)

English in science communication.
Similarities and differences in the rhetoric of diverse academic disciplines.
Aspects of “ordinary English” as opposed to "scientific" or "academic" English.




To provide an introduction to questions pertaining to the sociology of knowledge and the linguistic ideological questions related to academic knowledge.
To create an awareness of the place and role of the English language in academic research.
To create an awareness of the cross-disciplinary diversity of scientific/academic discourse.
To create an awareness of what tasks language is commonly expected to fulfill in academic contexts.




The course will consist of seminars in which key topics will be discussed and data will be analysed. Assessment will consist of group presentations (in class) and an individual research essay.

Group presentation: 40%
Research paper: 60%




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Last updated: 19 July 2016