1. Another approach in feminist literary criticism - historicism: what is the relationship between history and literature 
  2. Women in a specific historical period ?1900-1939: The spinster, the working woman, the domestic woman 
  3. The feminine sphere: What was it like for women to be located in the home? Identified only as a wife and mother? 
  4. Modernity and women: how did modernity affect women?




The format will be a 1-hour lecture, followed by a 1-hour workshop each week. Workshop questions will be released later.




This course is 100% coursework and your final grade will depend on:

35% mid-term essay
20% 500-word reflection exercise on a text listed under 'Additional Reading'
45% take-home exam 




These are some of the texts we will be looking at in this course:

Katherine Mansfield, ‘Daughters of the Late Colonel
Winifred Holtby, The Crowded Street (extracts)
E.M. Delafield, The Diary of a Provincial Lady (extracts)
Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver (extracts)
Daphne Du Maurier, Rebecca
Dorothy Richardson, Pilgrimage (extracts)
Virginia Woolf , ‘Street Haunting’ and ‘Slater’s Pins have no Points’



Last updated: 18 July 2017