Professoriate and Academic-related Staff


Head of School

Dr L. Lim
(BA NUS; PhD Reading)

World Englishes, Asian Englishes, postcolonial Englishes, sociolinguistics, phonetics, prosody, multilingualism, language maintenance, shift, endangerment and revitalisation
Tel: 3917-2871 Office: CRT-7.42 Email:




Professor C.M. Hutton
Chair Professor
(MA, DPhil Oxon, MA Columbia)
Sociolinguistics; sociology of language; semantics; semiotics; philosophy of linguistics; criminological linguistics (triad studies); language and the law

Tel: 3917-5142 Office: CRT-8.34 Email:

Professor A. Jaworski
Chair Professor
(MA, PhD Poznan)
Sociolinguistics; discourse analysis; multimodality; language and globalization; linguistic landscapes; language and art
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Professor J. Kuehn
(MA Bonn, MSt Oxon, PhD London, Habilitation Bamberg)
The long nineteenth century; popular literature and culture; critical theory

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Associate Professors

Dr W. Gan
(BA, PhD London)
Early twentieth-century women's writing (modernist and non-modernist); the essay genre; Asian film; feminist theory

Tel: 3917-5143 Office: CRT-8.39 Email:

Dr O. Heim
(Lic. phil., PhD Basel)
Postcolonial literature, Pacific writing, island studies, literary and cultural theory

Tel: 3917-2770 Office: CRT-7.41 Email:

Dr J.H.C. Leung
(BA HKU; LLB London; MPhil, PhD Cantab; LLM Yale)
Cognitive approaches to meaning and conceptual organisation; implicit learning of language; language and the law; legal bilingualism and multilingualism; language politics; legal and political communication

Tel: 3917-7932 Office: CRT-8.36 Email:

Dr D. Noël
(MA Antwerp, PhD Ghent)
Cognitive-functional linguistics, grammaticalization, diachronic construction grammar, clausal complementation in English, Dutch-French-English contrastive verb valency, evidentiality, empirical linguistics.

Tel: 3917-1922 Office: CRT-7.39 Email:

Dr A. Pablé
(MA UZH, PhD University of Zurich)
integrational linguistics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, semiotics, history of linguistics, translation studies, literary linguistics

Tel: 3917-2750
Office: CRT-8.35 Email:

Dr P.K. Richards
(MA, PhD Harvard; MA Creative Writing, Boston)
American literature, poetry, creative writing, drama, studies in life-writing, and theatre practices

Tel: 3917-5145 Office: CRT-7.40 Email:



Assistant Professors

Dr F.L. Blumberg
(BA Amherst; MA Dartmouth; JD Virginia; PhD Stanford)
Renaissance literature; rhetoric; poetics; law and literature.

Tel: 3917-2764 Office: CRT-8.41 Email:

Dr B. Bolander
(MA Bern, PhD Basel)
sociolinguistics of globalisation, sociolinguistics and social theory, World Englishes, language and religion, English in South and Central Asia, computer-mediated communication.

Tel: 3917-5141 Office: CRT-7.43 Email:

Dr K. Chen
(BA, M.Phil HKU; MA, PhD U Michigan)
Sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, Cantonese-English bilingualism, language and identity, language ideologies, sociolinguistic documentary films.

Tel: 3917-4474 Office: CRT-8.43 Email:

Dr J. Orman
(BA, MA, PhD London)
General linguistic theory, philosophy of language, integrational linguistics, language and cognition, sociology of language, politics of language.

Tel: 3917-2761 Office: CRT-8.38 Email:

Dr J.R. Valdez
(BA, MA, PhD Johns Hopkins)
nineteenth-century British literature and culture, the novel, popular literature, literary theory

Tel: 3917-2754 Office: CRT-8.37 Email:

Dr O. Zayts
(MA; PhD St Petersburg, Russia)
discourse analysis, (interactional) pragmatics, conversation analysis, intercultural communication, professional communication (in particular, in healthcare and business contexts), politeness, identity, leadership

Tel: 3917-7275
Office: CRT-7.38 Email:

Dr N. Zhang
(BA, MA Fudan; MA PhD Johns Hopkins)
Global modernism; late nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and culture; ethics and literature; intellectual history; aesthetic theory.

Tel: 3917-7938 Office: CRT-8.40 Email:



Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr H. Shipman
(MSc, MA, PhD Cardiff)
applied linguistics; discourse analysis; professional discourse; medical/health communication (in particular genetic testing/genetic counselling); intercultural communication
Tel: 3917-4487 Office: CRT-8.49 Email:



Visiting Professors

Professor A. Bell
(Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
Visiting Research Professor



Visiting Lecturers

Mr M. Mandlin
(BA Bard, MFA Boston)

Ms M. Sterling
(BA Concordia, MFA Boston)




Ms Maggie Leung
(BA HKU, MA Westminster)
Tel: 3917-5144 Office: CRT-7.49 Email:



Teaching Assistants

Mr George Cheng
(B.A. H.K., M.Phil H.K.)
Tel: 3917-5146 Office: CRT-7.50 Email:

Dr Amanda Cheung
(BA, MA London; MPhil, PhD Cantab)
Tel: 3917-4475 Office: CRT-7.51 Email:

Dr Bobo Wong
Tel: 3917-4475 Office: CCT- 7.51 Email:



Honorary Teachers

Dr S. Alderson
(MA, PhD Cantab)
Honorary Assistant Professor


Dr P. Chan
(BA, MA HKU, DipEd CUHK, PhD Nottingham)
Honorary Associate Professor

Office: CRT-7.49 Email:

Professor P.G. Cohen
(MA Southern California, DPHIL Delaware)
Honorary Professor

Office: CRT-7.50 Email:

Professor A. Durant
(MA, PhD Cantab)
Honorary Professor


Dr L. Gattass
(BA Columbia University, MA, PhD PUC-Rio)
Honorary Assistant Professor

Dr G. Gould
Honorary Associate Professor


Professor E.Y.L. Ho
(BA, MPhil HK, PhD London)
Honorary Professor

Dr H. Hwang
(BA Harvard; MA, PhD London )
Honorary Associate Professor


Dr P. Kennedy
(Ed.D. (Bristol), M.Phil. (Dublin), M.A. (Essex), M.A. (Sussex), B.A. (Wales), Cert. Ed. (L/don))
Honorary Associate Professor

Office: CRT-7.50 Email:

Professor D.W.F. Kerr
(MA Cantab, PhD Warwick)
Honorary Professor
Tel:3917-7938 Office: CRT-8.40 Email:

Dr N. Luke
(BA, LLB Queensland; MSt, DPhil Oxford)
Honorary Assistant Professor


Dr J. McMahon
(AB Lafayette College, MA BU, PhD CUNY)
Honorary Associate Professor


Dr H. Rambukwella
(BA (Hon) Peradeniya, PhD HKU))
Honorary Assistant Professor


Dr P. Smethurst
(BA, PhD London)
Honorary Associate Professor

Professor Q.S. Tong
(Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou)
Honorary Professor

Dr M. Wan
Honorary Associate Professor
Tel: 3917-4349 Office: CCT- 6.16, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus

Dr M. L-Y Wong
(BA, MPhil HKU, PhD Lancaster)
Honorary Assistant Professor
Tel: 3917-5144 Office: CCT- 7.49 Email:



Last updated: 28 June 2017